Professional cheap UV printing in Hanoi

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UV printing is one of the most advanced and modern printing methods applied today. You can easily see UV printing products everywhere. UV printing brings great utility in improving your living space in modern interior decoration such as UV printing on glass, wood, tiles …

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What is UV printing?

UV printing is the use of specialized UV inks during printing. When using UV ink, we will create many artistic effects. It only dries when it meets the wavelength of UV light or simply through UV drying lamps. UV printing is used on many different materials.

What type of UV printer?

UV printers are specialized machines for high-tech advertising printing. There are two types of UV printers: UV roll printing and flat UV printing. The ink that this UV printer uses cannot be naturally dried, it must use the UV ink drying system with very complicated stages.

What is UV ink?

UV inks are very diverse and offer various effects in printing. Creating gloss on the product using UV ink, creating matte lamination effect is UV matte. There are also UV ink, sand, glitter. UV inks are environmentally friendly, more readily biodegradable than in OPP films.

Application of UV printing technology

The advantage of UV printing is that it can print on any material, has high adhesion, high durability, can print as thick or thin as you want. UV printing creates many special effects such as glossy printing, embossed printing, UV sand, metal … UV printing is environmentally friendly and is applied in the printing of company signage, indoor signage, print on the surface of tiles or glass for interior decoration ..

UV printing address reliable

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